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M&H Soaring is an FAA certified repair station with 20 years experience in glider repairs, refinishing and maintenance.

We are the exclusive US representative for Schempp-Hirth Flugzeugbau GmbH since 2004. M&H Soaring is also a dealer for Cobra Trailers and ClearNav glider instruments.

Call or email for information on glider and trailer purchase, repairs, winglets, glider or trailer parts and glider instruments.

Mailing address: P.O. Box 368, Big Flats, NY 14814

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Latest News  

Watch Bryan Riegal's video - made while in the back seat of Duo Discus with HW, Mifflin 2012. Click YouTube link below at left.

Thank you to all who visited the M&H booth during the Convention!

NEW Ventus 2 winglets: read what John Seaborn (A8) has to say  after flying with them in Uvalde. Go to Why Winglets tab.

See NEWS page for more.
May 25, 2012

ARCUS wins Region 2 North contest. Pete Alexander and Rick Walters take first prize in Mifflin Sport Class contest. Four contest days and three terrific pre-contest days - Mifflin shows itself again as a great site! Pete and Rick' next contest together in the ARCUS will be the Open Class Nats. in Minden, NV.

CONCORDIA  DB worked on fitting COBRA trailer to his custom Concordia so he can take her to a larger airfield for trial flights. Almost ready.


M&H announces new Ventus2 and Discus winglets. Go to our 'Why Winglets' page.

Concordia fuselage gets first coat of filler. See before and after pictures on our News page.

After a long weekend driving to Butler's shop and back, CONCORDIA fuselage is now at M&H shop for aerodynamic contouring and painting. Follow along on our NEWS page.
Posted 11.20.11

Dick Butler's CONCORDIA coming to M&H shop for next production / finishing phase. We will post progress pictures on our Images page soon.
Posted 11.15.2011

Ventus 2a & b continues to perform well during 2011 contest season, dominating by placing top 3 in EGC 2011, Lithuania and making a strong show during 15M Nationals in Uvalde, TX with 5 Ventus a & b in top 10.
Posted 09.12.2011

Congratulations to Gordon Boettger and Hugh Bennett on their record flights in the DUO DISCUS. They now are the record holders of the new US Soaring distance record two-seat class sailplane . Outstanding flights in
the Sierra Wave. Congratulations!

Congratulations to team Schempp-Hirth with their 75th anniversary.
G-1 to ARCUS  - carried by wind and thermals.

Arcus M and E fly! Schempp-Hirth's newest glider, the elegant two seat ARCUS, now has both a self-launching M version and self-launching E version. The E version, with an electrical engine, flew its maiden flight on September 18, 2010. Go for more pictures to our Images page or to Schempp-Hirth's website.

Phoebus flies! After a 10 months restoration project, the Phoebus C flew today.  This Phoebus was purchased from the NSM by Lewis & Evan Olson, and the father/son/daughter team worked in M&H shops, refinishing & restoring the glider to its old glory. Today Heinz test flew her, after which Evan and Lewis got to fly. A perfect day after a long project! Look for pictures at the bottom of our images page.

Watch first flight of ARCUS M


First US ARCUS flies in Florida. See pictures on Images page.

Congratulations to Terry DeLore and co-pilot John Kokshoorn with their new World Distance Record of 2501k. Location; New Zealand. Date: Dec. 14, 2009.  Take off: 5.30am, landed 8.55pm. They broke Klaus Ohlmann's record by 80k. ASH 25, altitude (most of the flight) 28.000ft; temperature: too cold (-35).

Congratulations to the new 2009 National Champions:
2009 Sports Class Champion: John Seymour
2009 Open Class Champion: Garrett Willat
2009 15 M Class Champion: Tom Kelley
2009 Standard Class Champion: David Greenhill

ARCUS wins 2009 German two-seat Nationals. For new pictures, see NEWS

Charlie Spratt Memorial, May 9th, 15M Nationals, Cordele, GA

Charlie Spratt dies, April 10, 2009. See NEWS page.

ARCUS MAIDENFLIGHT, April 7, 2009. Go to NEWS page for pictures.

ARCUS PICTURES: exclusive ARCUS pictures as she was revealed at the AERO show in Germany this weekend. Go to our NEWS page for pictures.

ARCUS at the AERO in Germany, April 2-5, 2009 See pictures on our NEWS page.

2009 Senior Contest winners are: 1th Karl Striedieck in a Duo Discus, 2th Ken Sorenson in a Discus 2A and 3th Sam Giltner in a LS 1f

LATEST ARCUS UPDATE posted 02.13.09 see NEWS page

Schempp-Hirth announces new two-seat glider ARCUS. For more, click  our NEWS button or click Schempp-Hirth link. Posted 12.05.08